Open Like Space

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It was early morning quiet in our backyard. The sun was about to rise, and there was crispness in the air. It felt magically peaceful before dawn. Listening to the birds connected me with the space meditation from Tara Brach. … Read More

Spring Ocean Vibes – I Love Myself

| | LOVE MYSELF I love my mind and its thoughts. I love every cell of my body. I hold the inner child in me with warmth & nurturing care, unconditional love, and boundless compassion. Mother Earth is springing energy … Read More

Buoying Moments: Laguna Beach

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The sunny, bright afternoon had the ocean reflect and radiate a deep blue color. The harmony of the waves on the contour of Laguna Beach nudged me to embrace the moments and enjoy the life living through me.

Space Meditation: Ocean and Mountain

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I have captured my space meditation at Newport Beach and Robber’s Roost – the rock on hills close to home in Santiago Oaks.

Groove of Creativity: Moments at Newport Beach

| | of Creativity It was a crisp afternoon at Newport Beach. The clear sky imbued the Pacific Ocean with a deep blue color. The reflection of the sun’s rays sparkled on the water. The ocean waters swarmed around my feet, … Read More

Fiery Orange Invited me to Unfold

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It was an overcast evening at Laguna Beach. The refracting rays of the Sun setting down on the Catalina Island mountains and the contours of the ocean created vibrant colors. The effect of light around the edges of the clouds … Read More

My Nudge to Merge: Meditation

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The earth keeps me grounded and healed. It restores and strengthens my faith that there is abundance for all I need. The universe is expressing itself through me. I am the light of the universe. I sync up with the … Read More

Mindful Moments in Mountain

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The temperature at Robber’s Roost rock was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind created a cold sensation on my face and hands. It went around my pullover & jeans pants, and I felt a cold sensation on my chest, tummy, … Read More

Newport Beach – Grounding & Healing Colors

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We reached Newport Beach around 4 pm. It is always fun walking on the beach. Ocean waters drain the charge in the body. It feels rejuvenating and relaxing. It was no different this time, too. We walked for about three … Read More

Chakra Healing Affirmations

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I am the Atma – the soul. I carry the energy signature based on my past actions or karma from this life and past lives. The energy signature can impact my chakras’ frequency, alignment, and balance, causing adverse physical, mental, … Read More

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