Buoying Moments: Laguna Beach

The sunny, bright afternoon had the ocean reflect and radiate a deep blue color. The harmony of the waves on the contour of Laguna Beach nudged me to embrace the moments and enjoy the life living through me.

There is a spot where white color waves swarmed the rocks with their playfulness—the moments spurred the spirit of innocence, joy, childlike wonder, and excitement.

I dipped my feet in the water on one end of the beach. The water sparkled under the bright sun. The mist in the air felt heartwarming. It invited me to surrender to the moment and flow with it.

As we stepped away to a higher elevation, the setting sun created a golden hue in the sky. The water appeared calm and serene. It opened space in my mind and connected with the sense of joy and well-being born in me.

I am in the moment.

The joy, peace, and nurturing energy from inside lightens my mind, body, and intellect.

I surrender to the moments, trusting the life flowing through me. I let the memories from the past and worries for the future go.

I focus my mind on now.

I find reasons to smile.

I am in the groove to focus on work.

The buoying moments spring joy and calm.

What are your thoughts?