Healing Vibes of Nature

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The weather has warmed up a little bit more. Today we saw an eclectic range of wildflowers on the Weir Canyon Train. It is incredible how plants sprout even from the cracks in the stone and bring colors. It reminds … Read More

I Surrender

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I surrender. I surrender the urge to control, resist, or deny the weather of thoughts, emotions, and feelings flowing through me: I allow them to be, observe, and pass through me. I surrender to the next moment with openness to … Read More

My Intent to Forgive

Medical research and studies show how forgiveness can transform neural circuits in the brain for positive change. When I read books from Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Jon Kabat-zin, and Dr. Joan Borysenko, the insights on mind-body healing and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) … Read More

Mother Nature’s Magic

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I am sharing pictures and videos of mother nature’s magic close to home that we saw for the first time. The mountains are green right now, thanks to the rain. The unusual snow at elevations as low as 1000 feet … Read More

Scoop of Jaipur

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Jaipur has always had intrigue since my teenage with the legends of the pink city and the stories we learned from the history classes. The blog is my scoop to capture the glimpses. My quick takeaways: The history, culture, way … Read More

Sunset at Salt Creek Beach

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An hour at Salt Creek Beach blessed us with a memorable sunset experience. Seeing the vibrant colors from the walking trail slightly above the ocean level yanked me entirely into the moment:

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