Groove of Creativity: Moments at Newport Beach

| | of Creativity It was a crisp afternoon at Newport Beach. The clear sky imbued the Pacific Ocean with a deep blue color. The reflection of the sun’s rays sparkled on the water. The ocean waters swarmed around my feet, … Read More

Fiery Orange Invited me to Unfold

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It was an overcast evening at Laguna Beach. The refracting rays of the Sun setting down on the Catalina Island mountains and the contours of the ocean created vibrant colors. The effect of light around the edges of the clouds … Read More

A Breathtaking Rainbow Straight up in Vibrant Sky

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We went to Summerland Beach to see the Penguin Parade. As we sat down in the viewing area, we were brimming with excitement. The little penguins were expected to come out right after sunset. We had to wait about half … Read More

My Nudge to Merge: Meditation

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The earth keeps me grounded and healed. It restores and strengthens my faith that there is abundance for all I need. The universe is expressing itself through me. I am the light of the universe. I sync up with the … Read More

Limestone Cliffs and Apostles

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We started our day trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. The first stop in the morning at the Loch Ard Gorge took me in completely. There are limestone cliffs with stunning views of the blue ocean water crashing … Read More

Fascinating Penguin Parade

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When we started homework to explore exciting activities in Australia, the Penguin Parade intrigued us. Until then, I thought the penguins were only in frigid weather areas like Antarctica. I am so glad we decided to watch the Penguin Parade … Read More

Mountains Are Calling

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It is a crisp day with a blue sky. The snow-covered Mt Baldi and San Bernardino mountains are inviting. We went up to Santiago Oaks mountain, close to home, and the views created magic in our hearts.

Mindful Moments in Mountain

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The temperature at Robber’s Roost rock was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind created a cold sensation on my face and hands. It went around my pullover & jeans pants, and I felt a cold sensation on my chest, tummy, … Read More

Fiery Colors on Horizon: Laguna Beach

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It was an overcast day with a thick cloud cover as we drove to Laguna Beach. We lucked out as clouds dispersed on the horizon and sun rays burst through with the fiery yellow colors. It reminded me that the … Read More

Divine Colors on the Horizon

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We reached Balboa on an overcast evening a few minutes after the sunset. The orange colors around the contours of Catalina Island reminded me right away I am part of the connected conscience of the universe. It felt so divine … Read More

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