Groove of Creativity: Moments at Newport Beach

| | of Creativity It was a crisp afternoon at Newport Beach. The clear sky imbued the Pacific Ocean with a deep blue color. The reflection of the sun’s rays sparkled on the water. The ocean waters swarmed around my feet, … Read More

A Breathtaking Rainbow Straight up in Vibrant Sky

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We went to Summerland Beach to see the Penguin Parade. As we sat down in the viewing area, we were brimming with excitement. The little penguins were expected to come out right after sunset. We had to wait about half … Read More

Limestone Cliffs and Apostles

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We started our day trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road. The first stop in the morning at the Loch Ard Gorge took me in completely. There are limestone cliffs with stunning views of the blue ocean water crashing … Read More

Mountains Are Calling

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It is a crisp day with a blue sky. The snow-covered Mt Baldi and San Bernardino mountains are inviting. We went up to Santiago Oaks mountain, close to home, and the views created magic in our hearts.

Fiery Colors on Horizon: Laguna Beach

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It was an overcast day with a thick cloud cover as we drove to Laguna Beach. We lucked out as clouds dispersed on the horizon and sun rays burst through with the fiery yellow colors. It reminded me that the … Read More

Lake Tahoe: Ecowater Falls

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More than sixty water streams flow into Lake Tahoe, and Ecowater Falls is one of them. We hiked to see the water falling and streaming towards the lake. As we got closer to the fall, the sound of the water … Read More

Lake Tahoe: Stunning Beauty of Emerald Bay

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We heard and read about the beauty of the Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. The first glimpse while driving up on the west side of the lake captured our attention right away. We stopped by on the roadside as soon … Read More

Lake Tahoe: Vibrant Yellow Colors of Quaking Aspen

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We saw groves of yellow trees, highlighting the Lake Tahoe mountain landscapes. We learned the yellow trees are quaking aspen or trembling aspen. While driving on the west side of the lake, we saw thick groves of aspen trees in … Read More

Lake Tahoe Waves Created Musical Notes

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We stopped by the Tallac Historic Site as we started the day on the 21st of October. There is a walkway with access to the Lake Tahoe. The water was quiet, with gentle ripples touching the shore and creating soothing … Read More

Lake Tahoe: Relaxing Ripples

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We drove from Reno to Lake Tahoe through Virginia and Carson cities. As we stopped to get first glimpses of Lake Tahoe from a higher elevation on the east, the vastness of the lake and gentle ripples on the surface … Read More

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