LinkedIn – Expand Network, Build Credibility

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LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to build credibility.

As a professional, it gives you build your resume or bio that you can use for long time. Build your career profile, describe what you do clearly.

Get endorsements from your customers, superiors, colleagues and other professionals.

LinkedIn helps with networking and credibility

How can LinkedIn help your credibility?

  1. When someone searches for your name, your profile serves as a link that anyone can quickly go to. It is important when you are trying to close a deal with a prospect, trying to get a new career opportunity, or trying to hire an employee.
  2. You keep and build on your LinkedIn endorsements. People looking for your references find them handily on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Answer questions in the area of your expertise. It helps you with establishing your thought leadership.
  4. When people search for specific service, product in your area, your profile will show up. LinkedIn has 80 million members in 20 countries. And all of them are professionals. This gives you and your company tremendous exposure.
  5. Have your management team members create profile on LinkedIn and consolidate their professional networks. You create a lot of synergies to leverage your internal channels, people and professionals that you know of already.
  6. Search for prospects (employees, employers, prospects) with your selective criteria, and find a credible way to reach them from your network. LinkedIn connects you with thousands of people with 2nd or 3rd degree of separation .

Your online reputation and credibility do matter. And it doesn’t take as much to build it. Start taking simple steps today that helps in building your digital identity.

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