Cultivate Your Support System

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Business development is always about customers:

  1. How do I serve my customers better and retain them?
  2. How can I get more business from my current customers?
  3. How do I get new customers?

Whether you are a marketer, a sales professional, a leader in an executive position, or a consultant, this boils down to three things:

  1. Cultivating relationships.
  2. Establishing your thought leadership and credibility.
  3. Finding ways to add value for your target audience.

Clearly understanding the needs of your customers is key.

Build a list of customers and prospects who respect you. Here are a few tools that help you achieve that more effectively:

  • A targeted e-mail marketing program can educate them and adds value. Include social media elements in it.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn networks. Form groups, set up events, set up discussions and build conversations.
  • Twitter can be used informally but very effectively.

When you target the right content to go along with it, you can expand your reach and effectiveness to entirely different levels.

How do you network now for your business?

What are your thoughts?