Clarify Mind: 1 of 10: Beginner

Can I be a beginner for a change? Have childlike curiosity. Have that lightness to see new ideas, scenarios, and perspectives with each moment rather than assuming/thinking it is a continuation of the same old. The beginner’s mindset can help create space to grow and find answers. It can also bring new energies and a different outlook to everyday life. It may help me see magic in what might otherwise appear mundane and routine.


Dissolve in Spacious Awareness


I am experiencing this moment – that is, the present moment – for the first time. I am a beginner, embracing the new possibilities it brings. Can I let the magic unfold with lightness and childlike curiosity?

Thinking as if I am an expert narrows my space and vision. It adds an unnecessary burden or heaviness to this moment.

Can I avoid imposing my feelings, emotions, desires, attitudes, judgment, or past experiences on the present moment? I want to see things as they are without insisting on how they should be or the expected outcome.

I want to see others with their unique, miracle nature, and not through my lenses of ideas and opinions about them. I avoid insisting they should be how they were half an hour ago, yesterday, or a couple of years ago, or any other time in the past. I hope it gives them space to open up and makes them feel seen, recognized, and met.

Can I experience this moment with the lightness of a beginner’s mind, perceiving its purity and the freshness of its potential to give rise to the next moment?

 Shunryu Suzuki Roshi: In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind, there are few.


Shades of my Thinking - Childlike Curiosity


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