Clarify Mind: 2 of 10: Witness

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Can I witness whatever comes up in the mind or body without judging it?

It is the very nature of the mind to compare, judge, and evaluate. It saves me from harm’s way; it guides me to act sensibly. For example, it helps me behave responsibly in society or avoid killing myself by standing in the middle of a busy freeway lane. However, it also creates a continuous stream of liking and disliking, causing me to judge or label everything good or bad.

Judging is black and white – I like it or don’t like it, I want it or don’t want it. When I want the experience to be a certain way, that’s craving, and I start to strive and put in too much effort. When I am dissatisfied with something, that’s aversion, and I try to avoid it or make it go away. Chronic, viral-like toxicity creates a veil, preventing me from clearly seeing and navigating reality.

I don’t judge the judging either. Being a witness to judging and separating myself from it mobilizes my true potential, recognizing what is happening and cultivating discernment.

Can I detach from the stream of thoughts without condemning or pursuing them? Can I cultivate moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness?

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I am a Witness

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