Clarify Mind: 9 of 10: Gratitude

I am grateful for so many positive things happening in my life.

My physical intelligence is taking care of a range of complex tasks so that I can eat, walk, talk, write, smile, eat, see, and do so many beautiful things. I am so thankful for that.

What are other blessings in my life? I would start with family and friends, a comfortable home, the food I eat, my ability to think and reflect, etc. So many blessings enrich my life; the list can go on forever.

Having a sense of gratitude helps me be in the moment, stopping the scramble, even if momentarily, to run away from things I don’t like or chase what I desire and crave.

A sense of gratitude creates a shift in my inner state. I can explore other nuggets from this blog post on clarifying the mind  – the childlike curiosity, acceptance, letting go, trust, patience, witness to my thinking, non-judging, etc. It allows the abundance, the spacious awareness, healing synergies, and vastness from inside me to release or emerge and enrich my present moment.

Being grateful helps me appreciate what I have; it brings a balancing perspective, making me happier, lighter, brighter, and wiser.

Can I be always aware of blessings and positives in my life and be grateful for those?

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What are your thoughts?