Clarify Mind: 8 of 10: Proact

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Mind’s thinking is just nature. Just as I can’t stop or avoid nature, I can’t resist my thoughts. What can help me live with my thoughts skillfully:

  • Being a witness saves me from getting entangled with my thinking.
  • The paradigm of accepting the moment cuts down friction from trying to change or manipulate reality artificially.
  • Letting go of attachment to external desires helps me recognize and control my cravings and aversions.
  • Trusting my inner core allows me to turn in, listen to, and follow through on calling and intuition.
  • The mindset of giving and surrendering myself to something larger than me keeps me connected to the abundance from inside.

When I am acting from this spacious awareness, whatever I end up doing happens from the state of being.

Can I tap into my stillness and native intelligence using all these tools to proactively take on initiatives that have a deeper meaning for me? It can give me energy, drive, balance, and joy from inside. It can help me transform my thinking into an incredible blessing and an empowering asset or tool. I don’t have to chase the mirage of virtual reality inside my mind, nor do I have to react or run away from things I fear.

I read it somewhere that my mind is a good servant but a terrible master. My proactive mindset can help me tap into incredible potential and capabilities of my mind.

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What are your thoughts?