Clarify Mind: 7 of 10: Generosity – Give

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Can I always give? Can I find a reason to offer myself at every moment? Giving can be:

  1. Staying in a place of abundance to extend me and contribute when my ego might be raising the guard, or reacting with a scarcity mindset to erect walls, shut down, or isolate
  2. An act of kindness to make a difference for someone
  3. Listening with patience and empathy in a trying situation
  4. Finding a reason to smile and create a positive ripple letting go, even if momentarily, an emotional bind or trauma of an experience

Any time that I give, it feels good. I think I am more enriched by it than anyone else. It lightens my mood. I feel connected. When I give, I am unblocking the limitless abundance and happiness inside me; it emerges from inside, showering love not only on me but also on others around me and the entire universe. It can soothe and heal and nurture me from the inside, breaking away from the reactive thinking patterns. It shifts my outlook to explore other nuggets to clarify my mind – the childlike curiosity, acceptance, letting go, trust, patience, being witness to my thinking & non-judging, etc.

Witnessing and experiencing acts of kindness produce oxytocin and serotonin: they can lower blood pressure, calm me down, heal my wounds, and make me happy. Can I cultivate a mindset to give, to offer myself to others?

I am part of the universal consciousness, and it is pure joy and abundance. There is a core inside of me that is rich beyond reckoning. Can I identify with it and let it emerge and radiate its energy outwardly?

Can I surrender to something greater and more expansive than the ego-centered self? It can keep me connected with that happy, peaceful core inside in times of fear, worries, concerns, or other frustrations. It allows me to share the fullness of my being, my enthusiasm, vitality, spirit, trust, openness, and presence.


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