I Dissolve

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I am the Atma – spacious awareness – full of compassion, love, nurture, warmth, happiness, joy, and peace.

I dissolve the sharp edge of the painful experience, memory, hurt, or sorrow by allowing the weather of thoughts and emotions to pass through.

I dissolve anxieties, loneliness, and trapped energy of the inner critic in the open space and vast lake of my compassion and love.

I dissolve the urge to hold on to my attachments using self-control and self-discipline.

I dissolve my fears and insecurities in the spacious awareness of my faith and positive belief.

I dissolve my ego by figuring out ways to give and tuning into a positive ripple in trying moments and situations.

I dissolve the negative emotions by finding reasons to smile and being grateful for the blessings in my life.

I dissolve the weight of the past moments and worries about the future with a child’s lightness, curiosity, openness, and wonder.

I dissolve my grudges, friction, and hard feelings by cultivating an open and expansive healing inner space of forgiveness.

I dissolve self-limiting beliefs by holding my inner child with compassion & love and developing a positive narrative.

What are your thoughts?