I Dissolve

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I dissolve in the spacious awareness: be one with it.

Space – that is universal and also me and every living being – is full of compassion, love, healing, nurture, warmth, happiness, joy, and peace.

Dissolve in Spacious Awareness

Dissolve Negative Energy, Heal

Growing up, I might have developed patterns to protect myself from perceived threats based on my past experiences, vulnerabilities, and fear: these patterns act as an inner critic, reviewing my mistakes endlessly to prevent future errors or failures. While I still take on initiatives, speak, and make choices, the inner critic can make me feel endlessly criticized, compared, and belittled. If left unrecognized and unchecked, it may create a pattern of negative internal dialog that can undermine my wellbeing and destroy my creativity. It can imprison me in a small, tight, and endangered sense of self.

I hold the space tuning into the present moment where my mind expands to become a vast field of calm awareness in which sensations, thoughts, and voices come and go. It lightens me up, clarifying my mind from a pervasively negative pattern of thinking. When I witness my inner critic without judging, it exhumes patterns of aversion, doubt, ill will, and fear.

I – the spacious awareness – hold the five-year-old child within me tenderly with loving care and kindness.

Being fully present at the moment and witnessing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions dissolves the trapped energy of the inner critic and heals the child within me, helping me feel whole and in harmony with the universe.

On edge? Soften up.

When I meet an edge, I invite myself to soften up. The edge might be from:

  • Judgment or criticism by my inner critic.
  • Some kind of fear, anxiety, mental block, or an overwhelming situation.
  • A painful experience or memory from dealing with someone that might hurt my ego or make me feel threatened/insecure in some ways, raise my guard, or shut down, harbor anger/negativity, or hold on to/feed a grudge.
  • Physical pain or an ache.

Hold the distressing edge of fear, pain, painful experience, loneliness, and despair with loving care and compassion.

Embrace the edge – welcome it – let it be – accept it – be open to the fragile vulnerability of loneliness, sorrow, uncertainty, and the shakiness of fear – witness it – allow it to play itself out in my space of awareness and loving compassion – soften up allowing it to dissolve and pass through.

Space opens up inside me, surrounded, held, and imbued with a timeless loving presence. It helps me cultivate compassion, empathy, forgiveness, tenderness, humor, calmness, openness and caring: it can heal me and others around me.

I am a Beginner

I embrace each moment with the lightness, curiosity, openness, and wonder of a child. It dissolves the bind from past experiences and future projections, allowing new possibilities to emerge.

I see others in the present moment without bias of past experiences or memories. I hope it expands space to see, recognize, and meet with individuals in a new light: I hope it gives them the freedom to lower their guard, open up, explore, and let their miracle nature unfold.

I Visualize and Initiate

As I clarify my mind, it elevates my perspective and thinking to look at situations and relationships: it guides my mind, body, and intellect to act towards healing, nurture, and compassion.

As I practice thoughts of gratitude, curiosity, and care, it dissolves the ego, enabling my inner light to shine through: the spacious abundance and fullness from inside enrich/nourish me.

It gives me the equanimity to see the light, goodness, and positive vibes in others.

I visualize and proactively initiate small steps to heal, grow, expand, help, give, and eventually dissolve in oneness with all.

visualize and act to dissolve in oneness with all

What are your thoughts?