Spacious Awareness

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I am spacious awareness.

Just as a cloud or bubble emerges in the sky and passes through, my body sensations, thoughts, and feelings dissolve in the spacious awareness without leaving any trace. They come and go. I simply observe them without attaching to them, nor getting swept away with them.

My body pains and aches, frustrations, anger, worries, tension, bad memories, and experiences dissolve in the spacious awareness, like a droplet of pigment dissolving in a vast lake without leaving any mark.

The universal love, joy, peace, compassion, and healing energies emerge and permeate through me and nurture my mind & body, family & friends, and all living beings.

I am Spacious Awareness

I am Spacious Awareness

I, the spacious awareness, imbues my physical world with trust and faith. I connect my thinking mind to intuition and the abundant bliss.

I hold the space where the universal intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, and boundless imagination expand the horizons of my mind and intellect, springing innovative ideas that maximize potential, overcome challenges, and solve problems.

I am stateless. I am timeless. Every moment is distinct and a new beginning; I embrace it with freshness, lightness, and childlike curiosity.

I am spacious awareness.

I am Spacious Awareness - Mindfulness

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