Ocean Inspired to trust and inhabit my being

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We reached Laguna Beach around 6:30 p.m. The sun was still up on the long summer day, and the air was crisp. The deep blue sky imbued the Pacific Ocean views with its hues. The waves spreading in a circle, matching the curve of the beach, were in perfect harmony.

We waited for the sunset. The golden hues on the horizon and reflection in the water inspired a steady anchor in me. It felt as if Mother Earth was pumping energy through my feet and healing me from the inside.

The moments put a smile on my face.

I inhabit my physical being with faith and trust.

Life is living through me. My thoughts, pains, agonies, ecstasies, emotions, whims, feelings, relationships, etc., all are part of the life flowing through me. I let it be. I accept it. I witness it. I love it as is. I embrace it. I surrender to it. I let it pass through me without complaints, denial, or resistance. My light radiates outward through it all.

What are your thoughts?