Sunset from Balboa Opened Space to Dissolve

We walked on the Balboa Pier. As we got further into the ocean, sunset views over the hills and Newport Beach blessed us.

The Pacific Ocean and the hills on the beachside wore dynamic orange, red, and golden colors from the sun descending the horizon.

The moments paused my mind. I absorbed the abundant colors, the sound of the waves, the wind on my skin, and the soothing harmony of the movement on the ocean waters with all of my consciousness.

It felt so healing and relaxing and nurturing the rest of the night. It connected with peace from the inside. Sleep is a fantastic way to connect with intuition and clarity from the inside. I was up early AM, before the dawn. The following ripple somehow emerged and lightened my heart.

There is a space inside me that is like an ocean – vast, open, and virtually limitless in all directions. The memory of trying moments or painful emotions or trauma or a block or an emotional build-up in my mind and body dissolves in it.

For every trying moment, the compassionate, spacious awareness holds the child inside me with a warm hug and unconditional loving kindness.

With each breath, I send waves of nurturing ripples to my mind, body, and intellect – also out across the world to those I know and beings I don’t know.

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  1. Manjri
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    Very impressive and very inspiring thoughts and descriptions. Thank you.

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