Laguna Beach: Collective Synergies and Conscience

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Laguna Beach - Collective Synergies and Conscience

We reached Laguna Beach around 3 pm. It was a sunny day with a crisp and clear sky. There was a calmness to the water waves as we saw them from a slight elevation. From looking at the distance, everyone seemed to be soaking in the relaxing ambiance. A few surfers were navigating the waters to catch the waves. There are houses on the mountainside. Shops and restaurants clad the curves of the beach line.

Everyone appeared to flow with the collective synergy of the moments.

It inspired me to be part of and to be in harmony with the collective conscience of the universe. It calmed down my mind and relaxed my body immediately.

Laguna Beach - Collective Synergies and Conscience

I went down and dipped my feet in the water. My meditation or visualization in the moments:

  • The energy from the earth rose through my feet and healed me, grounding all the negative charges and blockages.
  • I surrendered to the moments and let the universe express itself through me. I soaked in the experience through all my senses.
  • I accepted and respected the power within me that gives fire and energy to make things happen.
  • The love and compassion emerged from inside and spread to every cell in my body. I prayed the healing energy sent soothing ripples all around me to nature and Mother Earth.
  • It felt like negativity from past experiences was transforming into power and positive change.
  • I felt connected to my intuition. I knew I was more than my physical form and my thinking mind. I identified with the divinity within and all around.

We went to a gazebo to see it all from the higher elevation. One lady injected soothing music and melody into the moments. It felt yet again how the universal synergies struck harmony with human ingenuity. Again, I felt connected to the connected conscience of the universe.

Laguna Beach - Vantage from Elevation

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