Merging with Mother Nature

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There was a thick marine layer at Newport Beach. The fog looked like it had merged with the water, making it look continuous grey when we looked at the ocean from the beach.

The water swarmed around my feet. With the moisture feeling on my face and in my breath, it felt like I was merging with the air, fog, and water.

The energy from the earth rose through my feet, grounding me.

The water in my body picked up the richness and nurture of the ocean waters. The experience soaked through all my senses, and the healing energy of nature flowed through me.

I felt connected to the nature. It renewed my trust and belief in the laws of nature.

I tuned into the sensations of my body: I sharpened my focus on the present moment and connected myself with innate intelligence and universal consciousness.

I felt whole and centered.

It felt so peaceful.

I surrendered to the moment. I surrendered my ego, worries, and fear and let them dissolve in the healing energy of Mother Nature.

I am grateful for the experience.

What are your thoughts?