Ventura and Montecito: Healing Abundance of Ocean Waters

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Calming Deep Blue on a Crisp California Day

A couple of days in Ventura and Montecito connected us with the healing abundance of the ocean waters. The first part of the blog is from our first day in Ventura. The second part is from the next day in Montecito.

It started with the State Beach at Ventura around noon time. It felt so good when I dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean waters. The slightly cold waters of the Pacific Ocean always make it a wonderful feeling on a summer day. The white colors of the waves collapsing to the shoreline created terrific visual effects, with the music of crashing waves filling in the background.

Magic of the waves’ white… 🙂

State Beach at Ventura, California

I have heard the ocean waters have a grounding effect, neutralizing charges from our bodies. Personally, it helps me lose myself and let go as if my stress is dissolving in the vastness of the Ocean.

A couple of videos: The sun played hide and seek with the clouds creating a magical variation to the experience. A bird was flying around, hovering over the waters. We saw a few sailboats anchored not too far from the shoreline. When I looked on the sides, the views of the contouring shoreline reminded me to open up to the healing synergies of mother Nature.

The Ocean – the giant cauldron of water covering three-fourths of the planet earth – is spilling on the edges where I stand. It infused a sense of humility and awe in me for how big it is and how I might not even amount to a tiny dot or a spec in front of it.

The reflection of the sun’s rays on the waves buoyed my spirits.

Waves glistening under the bright sun

The cloud cover disappeared in the early afternoon, and the clear sky imbued the ocean waters in deep blue.

I can see the water as far as my eyes can go on the horizon. The overall experience reminds me I am an integral part of a connected universe and consciousness. It opens me up from the inside and breaks the barriers I might have erected from the tension, stress, and the bind of my daily routine.

I think the water on our planet is nothing short of magic and a blessing. The water temperature close to the ocean floor stays around 4 degrees centigrade. It never freezes, even if it is dark miles away from the surface and under freezing temperatures of the north or the south pole: the life forms on mother Earth got a chance to start and evolve from the Ocean thanks to that. The human species is a continuation of the evolution of life on Earth for over two billion years.

We saw people kite surfing the waves. The giant kites, like parachutes, pull the riders at the whims of the strong wind while waves challenge them to stay upright on the surfboards. Seeing them turn their bodies at every conceivable angle and enjoy the thrill of surfing the waves is quite a sight. I wish I had the agility and physical strength to do something like this: seeing them do that made me think as if I am not born with a set of muscles they are using. 🙂

Ventura Beach with Bright Sun
Ventura Beach with Bright Sun

A beautiful pier is going probably half a mile into the Ocean. Standing on it made me feel like I was in the middle of the waters. It also created a beautiful perspective of the landscape when I look back.

On one side of the pier, the sun directly hit the water surface, creating the effect of countless mirrors reflecting the light rays. The experience mesmerized me: it took me in completely.

In the evening, we got a chance to drive up to Grant Park. There are incredible views of the mountain on the one side. On the other side is an astonishing panorama of the shoreline.

Grant Park at Ventura - View on the backside
Grant Park at Vebtura - Stunning Perspective of the Shoreline

Ventura downtown - tree scuplture
Montecito Butterfly Beach - Giant Palm Tree

On the second day, we got to experience the calming and soothing effect of the deep blue from the Butterfly and Miramar beaches in Montecito. The day was crisp with a blue sky. The temperature was around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit, and a gentle breeze tingled my face. It might be the most breathtaking yet soothing perspective of the deep blue I might have ever had.

Losing myself in the symphony of endless waves connected me yet again with the healing abundance of mother Nature.

Healing Abundance - Quick Excursion to Ventura, Montecito

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  1. Nilesh Bhoot
    | Reply

    Hi Deven, it was just two days of escape and merge in the nature. It was like supercharger for our mind and body battery. Need these kind of escape more often. Are you ready for next one,,,,?

  2. Bhaskar Patel
    | Reply

    Beautiful! World class vacation is just couple of hours away.

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