A shift from Spontaneity: Laguna Beach

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Yesterday a quick visit to Laguna Beach buoyed our spirits. We reached close to seven in the evening and spent about an hour until sunset. We soaked in an incredible experience of colors on the waters and palm trees as the sun went down the hill on the side.

There is a gazebo with a breathtaking viewpoint to see the ocean waters. It was a day of high tide. The waves crashing into the rocks created the magic of the white. One vocal artist mixed his soothing singing with the guitar tunes, making it even more moving and fun.

Stunning views from a gazebo at Laguna Beach
Stunning views from a gazebo at Laguna Beach

Sun rays showered the tall palm trees and plants with a tinge of orange colors while the pacific ocean waves sparkled with brightness as I soaked up the experience with all of my senses.

The sunset experience at Laguna Beach is different in the summer as the sun sets slightly towards the north, over the edge of the mountainside, and not over the ocean. Stunning hues of red, orange, and yellow colors that darkened as the sun started to disappear moved me.

Colors on the Horizon

The refracting sun rays made it to the horizon for a few minutes after sunset, infusing the skyline with fascinating orange colors. The San Clemente island carved out a niche in the fantastic landscape of mother nature.

Colors on Horizon after Sunset -3
Colors on Horizon after Sunset -1
Colors on Horizon after Sunset -2

Reflection of Lights

As we walked towards our car, we saw lights from the mountain on the other side reflecting in the water.

Reflection in the Ocean Waters

I am happy we decided to go to the beach on a quick impulse. Spontaneity sometimes can unlock fun and blessings: an hour at Laguna Beach created a shift for me to tune into the present, a welcome break for the spacious awareness and healing energy to surface & rejuvenate my body and mind.


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