Tithal and Devka Beach

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We reached Tithal probably a few minutes after the sunset. There were colors in the sky from the light rays deflecting and refracting over the horizon. I could feel the gentle breeze on my face and skin. The experience soaked in through all my senses and captured my consciousness.

Tithal, Gujarat, India

Devka Beach

We reached in the evening time. Space emerged among the clouds to see a sliver of the sky. As the opening through the clouds expanded slightly, Mother Nature treated us with a fantastic range of colors on the horizon. Clouds were moving, and the sun was going down. We were blessed with a few minutes where the sun trickled in, showed up in the whole circle, and disappeared behind the clouds again. The following pictures and videos are my attempt to capture the magic of the moments.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

Video Four

The sand color is black, which gives a different color to the seawater when we see it from a distance. There is a very well-developed walking trail to experience from a little bit of elevation.

Video Five

Video Six

Video Seven

Getting close to nature always relaxes and rejuvenates me. It is supposed to balance my five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. I am happy and grateful for it.

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