Music of Birds

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I am an early bird. I love to wake up early in the morning and experience the freshness of quiet mornings full of life, vitality, and excitement for new beginnings. When I am at our home in Vidyanagar, the sounds and music of birds make it even more vivacious, soothing, and rejuvenating.

Video: the birds fill the experience in the morning with their sounds and music.

The meditation of tuning into the birds’ music, looking at the sky and trees, and feeling the crispness of early morning felt so soothing.

It somehow feels different every time that I pause and listen to the birds’ sounds.

The quiet of early morning helped me identify the spacious awareness around me and be one with it.

I go for running before the sun comes out. The road by the Shastri Medan is clad with a thick cover of trees on both sides. The continuous sounds of birds made me stop and capture the moments.

One more video:

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  1. Rupal Shah
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    Loved this article, felt like I am at home, very rejuvenating! Our front “otlo” is my favorite place to be in this entire world. Birds music in the morning (and visit of monkeys sometimes) are the sweetest moments ❤️🏡

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