My Rainbow of Chakras: Meditation by the Beach

The blog article is from a moving experience at Newport Beach yesterday morning.

The ambiance was healing and rejuvenating at Newport Beach. The scattered clouds painted shades of grey colors on the waters. The deep blue and grey hues with the reflection of the sunrays on the surface created a fascinating experience that drew me in. The air was crisp. The sounds of waves crashing on the beach, the white colors from the waves, and the refreshing feel of slightly colder water around my feet under the water soaked in through all of my senses.

We meditated or visualized standing bare feet while waves came in and soaked our feet. It felt healing and nourishing. I attempt to capture it in words, hoping to use them and the videos I took to return to the magic wherever I might be or whenever I need.

My theme for it is – My Rainbow of Chakras.

I have borrowed image here of the chakra colors and frequency from a presentation of the Sai Karuna Mission and Dr. Uday Shah.

Rainbow of Chakras: Meditative Visualization

The rainbow of mother nature is synchronized with the rainbow of my chakras. I am merging with the energy and flow of nature.

Rainbow of Chakras: Meditative Visualization

The Earth and ocean are draining the charges inside my body. The healing energy of Mother Earth is rising through my feet, flowing and circulating through my body, and overflowing from above my head, connecting me with nature. The red color of my muladhar, or root chakra, is vibrant. I let go of the build-up of blockages in my energy signature from my past lives. I seek forgiveness for any actions or interactions from past lives. My fear, worries, and anxieties are melting away.

My body is 70% water. It is connecting with the ocean waters, making me one with all. The vibrant energy flows through me effortlessly, imbuing every cell in my body with positive vibrations, peace, and joy. The orange color swadhisthan or sacral chakra is balanced. I go with the flow of life: I adapt, change, evolve, and grow with an open mind: I embrace each moment and its possibilities with childlike curiosity and humility.

I invoke all my ancestors. I connect with their divinity with divinity inside. I hold the space full of unconditional love, compassion, and healing ripples for them all. I seek their blessings and forgiveness, and love. My yellow color manipur-chakra or solar plexus chakra maintains the fire that gives me energy, drive, and belief or faith in my inner core that is one with all.

The experience of the current moment is soaking in through all my senses. My mind, body, and intellect – my consciousness – are in the moment. There is stillness inside that feels so peaceful and full of joy. I connect with all the people and living beings. I let go of anxieties, emotional build-ups, or grudges. I give and seek love and forgiveness. The green color of my anahat-chakra or heath chakra radiate and imbue healing to every cell in my body.

The inner voice is emerging and giving clarity to my conscious mind. The blue light from the vishuddhi-chakra or throat chakra is getting even crisper. I express my thoughts clearly.

May the magic of the experience connect me with my intuition. May I know the universe unfolding through me right now and here? May my indigo color ajna-chakra or third eye chakra balance and guide me to discover inner wisdom. I hold the inner child in me with unconditional love.

The divinity inside me is permeating through my mind, body, and intellect and connecting with the divinity of the universe. The purple color sahastrar-chakra or crown chakra connects with the universal super consciousness.

A white beam of light is coming through the top, and as it comes down through my head, it is making the rainbow of my chakras even brighter, even crisper, and ever so more vivacious and vibrant.

What are your thoughts?