Frolicking Birds

We reached Newport Beach early in the morning, around 6:30 am. The ambiance was healing, with the sounds of the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean filling the air. Walking on the beach felt soothing – I felt grounded and connected with nature.

A group of birds frolicking at the water’s edge made our day. Seeing them go towards the water and back with each wave was fun. I felt like a bird, or a bird wanna-be in those moments with lightness, freshness, vulnerability, and openness to absorb each present moment as it arrives and move in its rhythm setting aside any worries, ego, or blocks that could stop me from unfolding and merging with all.

My essence and spirit for the day: we are were birds, too, frolicking on the water’s edge.

The sky was overcast with clouds—the temperature of perfect. Staring at the water felt like a giant mirror of the ocean’s surface. As waves approached the edge, they carved out separate pieces, crashed them into the shoreline, and created white magic around my feet.

I lost myself in the moments yet again. It was the gift of the meditation blessed and graced by Mother Nature.

The giant cauldron of Mother Nature – oceans of Earth – cover three-fourths of the surface. I am a tiny spec healed, energized, and welcomed by it. I am also 70% water when I think about it.

It gave me a perspective for a few moments to come out of the cocoon of reactive thinking patterns, emotions, desires, and attachments.

After an hour and a half, we were ready to head back home. We stayed in a spot for 10-15 min with our feet under the waves as they arrived and crashed. I visualized synergies from Mother Nature grounding my body, mind, and thoughts, and at the same time, cosmic energy symbols healing and balancing my nine chakras. I felt healed, balanced, grounded, relaxed, energized, and in harmony with all.

I hope, wish, and pray – the meditation and healing stay with me, allowing divinity inside to emerge, permeate my mind, body & intellect, and merge them to be one with all.

Newport Beach - August 06, 2023 - Birds frolicking on waters

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  1. Nilesh Bhoot
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    Thanks for sharing beautiful thoughts and your connection with nature God. Your narrative and picture given me a great soothing touch with mother nature. đź’—

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