Earth Meditation at Robber’s Roost

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It was around 6 pm in the Santiago Oaks hills close to home. The temperature was about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The sunset was still a couple of hours away. The gentle breeze made it a pleasant experience. The Robber’s Roost is a large rock with the highest vantage point among the hills. It gives a nice 360 degrees perspective.

The weather and vegetation have dried up, making the mountain look brown. However, there are spots of green, reminding me that nature continually nurtures and heals. There are houses snuggled in the mountains and a water reservoir, confirming for me the human ingenuity and ability to find ways, collaborate, and find ways to grow. I saw a mountain biker going down the hill navigating almost vertical dissent in one spot using probably his every muscle: quite an inspiration to enjoy the moment and adventure while respecting the law of gravity and using athleticism developed using discipline and work over time.

I felt like I was part of nature – the connected whole – and it was there to heal and nurture me. I got inspired to accept and embrace whatever would emerge next. There was faith in the moments to be open and vulnerable to the flow of life moving through me without trying to change, deny, or resist it.

I sat down on the rock facing in the direction of the sun. The meditation to focus on my chakras felt so good.

A few days after that, I used time on the flight to India to write about it: it took me back to the moments on the rock. Writing helps me clarify my mind and sometimes connect to a deeper meaning from the inside.  Here it is – Earth Meditation at the Robber’s Roost.

My Rahu chakra in the left hand is tuning in to the universe and receiving it all the healing vibes and nurturing energy.

My Ketu chakra in the right hand is giving and offering my energy and ripples to all.

The healing energy from the mountain is rising through my body, circulating, and then overflowing from the top of my head. As I tune into my breathing, it is nourishing, relaxing, and rejuvenating. I am part of and in harmony with the earth: it completely balances the earth element inside me and my Mooladhar or root chakra. It has the energy signature of my past lives, and I seek forgiveness and let go of my past karma and actions. I surrender to the moment and pray. I invite symbols of cosmic energy to come through the sahastrar or crown chakra at the top and flow through all chakras and reach the Mooladhar chakra for it to heal.

It is quiet, with the only sound being that of the gentle breeze. A cloud here and there is passing by and merging in the space of the blue sky. Everything around me appears to be one with nature adapting and flowing. It inspires me to flow with the universal consciousness expressed through me. I am surrendering my ego, opening up to and holding all with compassion, I am grateful for all I got in life, and for the moment, I let go of my grudges, memories, and anxieties. The water inside me is using its healing magic to make me whole from the inside. My swadhisthan, or sacral chakra, is healing, energizing, and balancing to its natural frequency.

As I surrender to nature and open up to it, I become an empowering channel for its boundless abundance and potential. It is blessing me with faith, belief, and positive vibrations. My energy field derives so much of its fire from my parents, grandparents, and ancestors before me—my gratitude to them for being where I am now. As I am sitting on the rock at the peak among the surrounding hills, I realize I am also sitting on the giant shoulders of my ancestors and all people before me. I send my love, compassion, and healing ripples to them all. My Manipur or sacral chakra is shifting towards its ideal frequency, spreading healing energy to me and all before me.

I feel the warmth of the mountain on my skin, touching the rock. The breeze is touching my face, neck, hands, and the rest of my body. The gentle sound of the wind creates a healing resonance in my ears. My eyes are soaking up all around me. The air is crisp, and I smell all that comes through it. The present moments saturate my consciousness: there is no room for projections of the past or worry about the future. Everything is perfect as it is. I have no complaints, as everything happens in life for a reason. I meet other people for an excuse to heal and be one with the divinity they carry. My love, gratitude, and warm healing energy to all my family, friends, colleagues, customers, familiar faces, and people with chance encounters throughout my life: I ask for their forgiveness for anything I might have done knowingly or unknowingly. My Anahat, or heart chakra, is spreading its healing green light to every cell in my body: balanced, healed, and energized. It dissolves my past energy field, softens the bind of past attachments, and guides me towards the divinity inside and all around the universe.

The blue color of my Vishuddhi, or throat chakra, is healing the painful areas in my body and memories. I can express my ideas with clarity and truth to my inner voice, which is the creative channel of the universe.

My intuition is coming through, endowing me with insights and ideas. The universe is opening doors for me. My subconscious mind is synchronizing with the flow of life through my current and past lives. My Ajna or third eye chakra or shiv netra resonates to its ideal frequency.

My Sahastrar, or crown chakra, opens its thousand petals and invites the universe’s divinity. My mind, body, and intellect are dissolving, allowing the divinity inside to be one with the divinity outside.

There are seven colors with my chakras – the purple color of the crown chakra, the indigo color of my third eye chakra, the blue color of my throat chakra, the green color of my heart chakra, the yellow color of my solar plexus chakra, the orange color of the sacral chakra, and red color of my root chakra. These are also the seven colors of the rainbow. As the white light of divinity enters from the top of my head, its different color component wavelengths resonate with my chakras. It makes me one with all and the whole.

What are your thoughts?