Laguna Beach: Vibrant Silver and Grey

The ocean waters wear the personality of the sky colors. While I have always been enamored with the deep blue of the sky on a sunny, crisp day and also vibrant hues of the orange, red, and yellow colors at the time of sunset, yesterday’s cloud cover created a unique backdrop of the grey color hues. The sun rays from the spots between the clouds projected vibrant silver areas on the waters. The experience felt surreal when I lost myself in the rhythm of the ocean waves.


There is a gazebo at the contour of the winding beachfront with an incredibly scenic view. One girl played soothing tunes on her violin, and the music blended beautifully with the overall experience.

Spot One - Grey and Silver at Laguna Beach
Spot One - Grey and Silver at Laguna Beach -1


At Laguna Beach, we can see the ocean from a higher elevation. There is a pathway beautifully landscaped with palm trees and spots for views and access to the beach. A land area along the winding beachfront goes more toward the water, opening up ocean views on several sides. During the summer days, the sun goes down over a mountain. It was a treat to again see the magic of grey and silver.

Spot two - grey and silver at laguna beach -3
Spot Two - grey and silver at laguna beach -2
Spot Two - grey and silver at Laguna Beach - 1

Tree Among Restaurants and Shops

Laguna Beach has a vibrant village area with art shops, boutique shops, restaurants, and shopping alleys. There is an ice cream shop – Gelato Paradiso. It is a beautiful narrow pathway with access to shops on both sides. While standing in the line to get ice cream, we see a beautiful tree going up right among the buildings. The tree’s green branches added a nice mix to the grey skylines.

Looking up in the sky - connecting with the nature -2
Looking up in the sky - connecting with nature -1

November 16, 2022: Blast from the Past

I was looking at my pictures for a past social event and ran into the following two images from July 2016. It felt like reliving the moments all over again. Following are a couple of moments.

What are your thoughts?