Sunset at Salt Creek Beach

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An hour at Salt Creek Beach blessed us with a memorable sunset experience.

Seeing the vibrant colors from the walking trail slightly above the ocean level yanked me entirely into the moment:

After we walked for probably a mile, we went down to get the water under our feet. It is a rejuvenating experience to feel the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. I have heard and read that ocean waters can ground charges from the body, making us feel good and balanced physically, too.

The sun was slightly further down the horizon by this time. Seeing the reflection of the sun breaking down into millions of pieces and re-forming with each wave was quite a treat:

As we started going back up the hill, I captured the sunset:

My gratitude: mother Nature opened me up to the present moment, allowing me to soak in the experience using all my senses and connecting yet again to the healing synergies.

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  1. Nina Patel
    | Reply

    True going to beach and feeling the nature is very rejuvenating .

  2. Nilesh Bhoot
    | Reply

    Lovely capture and heart touching narration. Kya bat hai 💕

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