Weekend Hiking Connected with Nature

It is a blessing to live among the mountains in Southern California. The number of options for hiking trails within a one-hour drive radius is virtually limitless. The weather is arid, so the hills are brown save for a few months in the Spring.

Today, we went hiking on the Weir Canyon trail. It is about 3.5 miles. The experience of losing ourselves in nature for a couple of hours juiced me up. Thanks to a few more overcast days and the legacy of a bit of rain in February this year, there are still spots of light green brush and yellow wildflowers. There are small areas of dark green vegetation on the valley floor, as it is still a tiny bit moist from the winter creeks.  The variation in shades of brown sprinkled in with spots of green bushes and trees today on an overcast morning created a fantastic landscape. It partly could be the newness of the trail stimulating the senses to soak it all in. It is as if mother nature painted captivating murals on the mountainsides using the magic of giant brush strokes.

The mountainsides with the layers of stone at different levels showing their faces from the sandy and dry soil look like giant stone scapes. The vegetation manages to spring among it all, showing off vibrant colorful spots: it inspires awe in me for mother nature’s way of endowing us with incredible resilience to naturally heal, survive, thrive, grow, and bless us with the boundless nourishing energy and beauty.

When I stopped to capture moments in snaps on my phone, it opened me up to tune in to the music of birds.


How grateful I am for the opportunity to slow it down and connect with nature all around me and inside me.

Hiking - May 22 2022 - wild flowers

What are your thoughts?