Snowy – Soothing – Stunning: Splendor of the Canadian Rockies

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We always had an intrigue to visit Calgary and the Canadian Rockies in the wintertime. How would it all look when snow and ice cover everything in white? When Timish and Alpabhabhi invited us, the fun of family time made it a no-brainer. Prajay and Preet came over from Toronto. I am sharing family moments and the breathtaking views we captured on our phones.

Note: You might want to see slideshows in this blog post on a laptop or an iPad for bigger screen size.

Fun Family Moments 🙂

Iconic Lake Louise

The glaciers melt, creating lakes with incredibly scenic backdrops and stunning yet soothing views. I think one lake in particular – Lake Louise – is an icon of Mother Nature, capturing the essence and beauty of it all. Our experience of seeing Lake Louise in the summertime is etched in our memories and Nilay’s oil painting at home.

It was quite an experience on this trip to walk on the frozen Lake Louise and see from there the awe-inspiring glacier peaks.

Ice Castle Sculpture

There was a beautifully crafted ice castle sculpture on the frozen Lake Louise. With temperatures ranging from 15 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (about -8 to -25 degrees Celsius), the snow doesn’t melt, making it possible for this incredible ice artwork to remain intact for at least a few weeks, if not months, during the wintertime.

Under the Crisp Blue Sky

We drove around different spots in Banff and Lake Minnewanka. The sky was clear, crisp blue on that day, enabling the stunning views of the glaciers and lakes. I think words or pictures can’t do them justice. Following are glimpses from the day.

Snowy White All-around

We got the opportunity to go to the peak of the Kicking Horse ski resort. It was quite an experience at the top, seeing snowy white all around as far as I could see. The temperature that day was close to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. I had a neck warmer also covering my nose and ears. It also served as a mask. The moment I stepped outside the gondola at the top, though, my breath going up the warmer, condensed on my glasses. Before it got a chance to disappear, the cold temperature froze it creating a frost layer. We were inside the giant freezer of Mother Nature. The pine trees were all snow-covered, and looking into the valleys on all sides, they would look like tiny white dots.

The majesty and splendor of Mother Nature were overwhelming, stunning, breathtaking, and yet soothing.

The Drive

The roads wind through the mountains bringing incredible views all around. It is frigid and dry weather conditions, making the snow dust/powder blow with the draft of the passing cars and trucks. It was quite a symphony of the white playing on the road right before our eyes.

While driving up, we saw the sun going down, playing hide and seek with clouds, and the mountains’ contours creating a kaleidoscope of colors.

We were being so embedded in nature and yet being able to drive and move crisply inspired a sense of gratitude for me: what an opportunity to explore it all within what felt at the moment as comforts of roads, cars, and Maps application on our phones guiding, protecting, and smoothly flowing us around.

Losing myself in the beauty and awe of it all felt so healing and nurturing. I am deeply grateful for an opportunity to soak up the Canadian Rockies’ snowy, stunning, and soothing splendor embedded with the comfort and fun of family time.

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  1. Preet Shah
    | Reply

    Really well said Kaka! Glad you had a great time. It had been awhile for me to see these views in the winter again and it was amazing to experience that all again with you guys

    • Alak shah
      | Reply

      Nicely done !! Already watched couple times!! Great time together!!

  2. Timish Shah
    | Reply

    Deven, you have explained Canadian winter very well. I would say all family members must experience and feel this frigid cold weather once. I can see frozen tears on Preet‘s face, give some ideas on how much cold it was. Seeing snow all around is always a fun. Driving was little scary at times due to blowing snow but otherwise it was nice. Thanks to you all for visiting Calgary, specially to Nilay for joining. Food was amazing at both Golden and Banff location. Hope to you see you all again in summer for different experience 😊

  3. Kapil
    | Reply

    Deven, thanks for sharing this incredible trip and mind blowing pictures. So glad you travelled and enjoyed Canada. Many of us shy away during this time and go in summer but as you so eloquently put, there’s beauty in winter times too!!! Loved the pics.

  4. Alka kapadia
    | Reply

    Pictures are amazing Devenbhai. You have been to an excellent place. -26 temperature must have been difficult to stay in as we are not much acquainted to it. When we visit Leh Ladakh I was very scared.This is beyond experience.

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