Resonating Ripples of Atma

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I am the Atma – the universal consciousness. I am one and connected with all living beings in that space. When I identify with it, I am the light of the universe. I am the spacious awareness through which happiness, bliss, peace, and positive ripples of resonance emerge and nurture all.

My mind, body, and intellect have access to boundless creativity, energy, peace, bliss, joy and power when they tune into my true self – the Atma.

I have created an energy field through my action over my current and past lives – karma. It controls my inner weather of thinking and my chakras. It impacts my aura and influences what I attach to.

I have an ego. It erects walls around me to protect me from perceived fears and dangers. It also disconnects me from the universal consciousness. It can trap me in the cocoon of my reactive thinking patterns.

The movie is playing in my mind based on the narrative of my karma. When I attach to my thinking patterns, I am the character in the film: the plot thickens with time. The weather of thoughts has tremendous bind and control over what I do: it can hijack my life.

What can I do to identify with Atma I am?

What can I do to identify with Atma I am?

ONE: Be a Witness

I am the one that observes. Be a witness to the thinking patterns, and let the weather pass through without attaching to it, resisting it, or trying to control it. Witness the body sensations, pains, and aches.

I learned it is a key component doctors use with mind-body healing practices. It is very relaxing and healing: I experienced it myself. It elevates my perspective to look at patterns of thinking and emotions. It also softens the grip of my ego.

TWO: Pause

I got it from Prema Chodron’s article: focus on my breathing for a few cycles, tune into my body sensations, listen to the sounds around me, and soak up the present moment with all my senses.

In those moments, my consciousness frees up to connect with all. My ego is not in action at the time.

Pause as much as I can.

THREE: Tune into My Intuition

Can I slow down and listen to the voice from inside? It gives me direction and wisdom to merge with all.

Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Shakti Gawain: To whatever degree you listen to and follow your intuition, you become a creative channel for the higher power of the universe.

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Somewhere deep within us resides a profoundly healthy and trustworthy core, and our intuitions, as deep resonances of the actuality of the present moment, are worthy of our trust.

FOUR: Embrace Vulnerability

Can I accept my fears? Can I embrace and open up to my vulnerabilities?

In trying moments, pause and focus on breathing – breath through my pain, fears, and anxieties. See where I am feeling it in my body. Putting it in the light of awareness can help me soften the edge of my fears, lower the guard of my ego, and find answers from the inside.

FIVE: Surrender

The Universal consciousness and divinity bring limitless joy, creativity, and priceless insights. It is beyond my ego, intellect, mind, or body.

Surrender to the divinity. Pray. Ask questions.

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SIX: See Good in All

Everyone is the same consciousness, healing & nurturing space, and peace. Can I see it in all, at all times? The binds of my karma, ego, and inner weather challenge it.

If I am aware and on a mission to try, I hope it can open me up to compassion and forgiveness.

SEVEN: Create a Positive Narrative

When I slow down, listen to the voice from inside, tune into my intuition, and follow my inner bliss – it can open up the space for me to create my narrative. It enables me to exercise my free will.

Can I use it to cultivate a positive narrative instead of being a victim of the reactive thinking patterns flowing through me?

The universe has collective reflection and the impact of thoughts from everyone. Our thoughts are collectively creating and evolving the universe.

EIGHT: Have Faith

Believe and trust that everything in life happens for a reason. Have faith that everything will work out. Pray and ask, staying true to your heart.

Words from a wooden plaque on a roadside kiosk have stayed with me: Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

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NINE: Gratitude

Can I look for and be grateful for the positives in my life?

When movies of the mind and the scarcity mindset of my ego drive me on a wild goose chase of material things and from perceived fears or dangers, can I pause (item TWO above?) Count my blessings in the space that opens up, even if momentarily. When I look for them, there are so many, even in the most desperate circumstances – my sense connects me with the world around me, I can think, I can metabolize food, I have family & friends, I have a place to live – the list can go on and on.

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TEN: Yoga and Meditation

I am not my body, mind, or intellect; they allow me to relate to the physical world.

Yoga and meditation can support me to align my mind, body, and intellect with the universal consciousness.

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ELEVEN: Control My Desires

Slow it down, pause, and be aware of my cravings and chase of material things.

See the abundance and happiness inside – I always have it, no matter the situation.

Have self-discipline with food. Fasting is so empowering to create a shift from the inside.

TWELVE: Avoid Nagging

The complaining mindset creates a chain reaction of negative thoughts that can restrict my body’s free energy flow, impact my health, and attract not-so-helpful vibes.

Can I be aware of my thoughts and avoid nagging about something I might not have or someone else? Can I find reasons to smile?

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THIRTEEN: Stay Humble and Honest

Humility and openness have a way of unblocking the flow of energy inside. It has a healing and rejuvenating effect. It can lighten the weight of the ego.

Honesty and staying true to myself and my reality reduces the friction and anxiety from inside.

Bragging, arrogance, anger, and manipulations are constructs of fear. While my mind and intellect practice any part of them, there is a blockage of healing energy and constant effort or struggle to sustain it. It can drain me and detach me. I am part of the universal consciousness. When I tune in and follow my conscience, it guides me with the True North. When I slow down to listen to the voice from inside, honesty and humility feel and sound just right and healing.

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FOURTEEN: Have a Childlike Curiosity

Have a beginner’s mindset to look at things with a fresh outlook and perspective. Can I be open to new possibilities the next moment can bring?

Childlike excitement, curiosity, and positive vibes can do wonders to tune into the abundant creativity and love of the universal consciousness.

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FIFTEEN: Contribute, Help, Give, Enjoy Small Things

Can I make a difference in the small circle where I am with what I have – at home, with family & friends, at work, or with coaching that I enjoy so much? It doesn’t need to be anything grand.

Reach out to a friend, and refresh the connection.

Help others – give unconditionally – have the patience to listen to people around me – try to understand someone – give others a fresh chance to open up.

Lose myself in an activity, be it music, cooking, running, hiking, reading, writing, developing a presentation, or doing chores at home. Whenever I engage with all my senses and let the experience soak in, I open up the potential for all ideas in the article.

Reflection in the Ocean Waters

Resonating Ripples of Atma or Soul

The universal consciousness is evolving and does not stand still. When I focus on an initiative that resonates with me from the inside, I am tapping into empowering forces of nature and participating in the evolution. When I focus on the activity at home, at work, with friends, or with the community, losing myself in it and enjoying it, I can tap into the potential beyond my body, mind, and intellect. When I listen to and act in harmony with my conscience, I am unblocking the universal synergies and healing energies to flow smoothly through me. When I am in the present moment letting go of inner weather from the past and of the fear of what might happen in the future, I am merging with the beautiful universe unfolding through me. The ripples connect me with positive vibes throughout the universe.

The ripples of resonance from inside can help me identify with and eventually be one with the universe.

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What are your thoughts?