I Surrender

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I surrender.

I surrender the urge to control, resist, or deny the weather of thoughts, emotions, and feelings flowing through me: I observe them as a witness, and let them pass through me.

I surrender to the next moment with openness to embrace what it brings without bias from past experiences.

I surrender the urge to hold on to and control the narrative of my life.

I surrender to embrace what happens in my life with trust and faith.

I surrender to intuition, voice, and bliss from the inside as my guiding light.

I surrender to the idea that everything is happening in my life for a reason.

I surrender worries, fear, and unpleasant experiences of the day when I go to bed at night.

I surrender to my childlike curiosity to anticipate the next moment with openness, joy, excitement, optimism, lightness, and positive vibrations.

I surrender completely to my current activity, forgetting everything else.

I surrender to the reality that I may not have answers for everything.

I surrender to the forces of nature and pray for answers and guidance.

I surrender to merge with the universal consciousness – the atma  – that imbues my mind, body, and intellect with healing, abundance, peace, bliss, happiness, equanimity, joy, and truth.

I surrender, or so I hope, wish, and pray.

What are your thoughts?