My Nudge to Merge: Meditation

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The earth keeps me grounded and healed. It restores and strengthens my faith that there is abundance for all I need.

The universe is expressing itself through me. I am the light of the universe. I sync up with the life living through me and be part of it. I am much bigger than the limited capacity of my intellect. I am free from the prison of my ego and reactive thinking patterns.

I am happy and grateful for the fire inside me that gives fuel and drive to make things happen. I use it wisely and for a positive change for all.

I hold the child inside me with unconditional love, warmth, and nurture. I love all of my body, mind, and intellect. I hold all around me and the universe with compassion and care.

I am spacious awareness. I let the experiences and thoughts pass through me as they are. I allow them and accept them. I merge them in the space full of warmth – the Atma I am. I find reasons to smile and be positive about everything around me.

I am the Atma. I bow to enlightened souls that show me the path to realize with it – the Atma. I pray and connect with all pure souls that have merged and have become one with the Atma. I bow to thought leaders who inspire me to control my desires. I bow to all teachers who show me how to meditate. I bow to all pious lives who show me how to live a simple life. I give them my respect. I let healing and enlightening ripples from them touch and permeate my mind, body, and intellect.

I surrender to and ask the infinite intelligence for insights and answers.

I let the universe’s divinity permeate my physical world and connect it with the divinity I am.

These moments inspired and nudged me to unfold and merge with universal consciousness—my true identity—the Atma.

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