Mindful Moments in Mountain

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The temperature at Robber’s Roost rock was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind created a cold sensation on my face and hands. It went around my pullover & jeans pants, and I felt a cold sensation on my chest, tummy, and legs. The experience pulled me into the moments. I felt connected to the mountain, the sky, the clouds passing by, and the hills around me. The intensity of the wind picked up a little bit, making me feel cold. I was vulnerable, surrendering to the energies of the universe. I witnessed it all while focusing on my breath. I was present and available to embrace and be open to each moment as it unfolded. I was in awe of the enormity of the mother nature and the Mother Earth. The child inside me soaked it all up with curiosity and excitement. In those moments, I forgot about my worries, stress, expectations, and experiences from the past. It felt good. It relaxed me. It opened up space inside me to dissolve energy blockage in my mind, body, and intellect.

Mindful Moments at Robbers Roost -1

My Affirmations from the Moments

The earth provides me with all I need. I feel safe and secure.

The water in my body heals me. The universe is expressing through me – I am connected to it.

I have the power and drive to make things happen. My self-worth and belief in myself gives me an anchor to draw on the fire from within. I have the wisdom to use my capabilities wisely.

I love every cell in my body. I accept and believe in myself. I have compassion for myself, my family & friends, all living beings, and Mother Earth.

I express myself by drawing on a deeper meaning and fire from the inside.

I follow my intuition. I am receiving knowledge and ideas from the universe. I have childlike curiosity, openness, and a light heart to ask questions and seek their answers.

The divinity inside me radiates through my mind, body, and intellect. It fills my physical world with love, kindness, and bliss.

I am spacious awareness. I am part of the universal consciousness.

The universe is smiling and healing. I feel its ripples in my head and around my eyes. The giant smiley face from the sky is putting a smile on my face, mouth, throat, and around my heart.

Seven Chakras - Affirmations
Mindful Moments at Robbers Roost -2

Breathtaking Views Close to Home

The next day was crisp with bright sunshine and a deep blue sky. The San Bernardino mountains and Mount Baldi were covered in snow, creating a stunning backdrop.

I felt rejuvenating and healing energies soaking up through all of my senses. The experience lost me in the moments. I am grateful for the moments that drew me in and connected with the universal consciousness.

Mindful Moments - Snow Covered San Bernardino and Mt Baldi

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