Chakra Healing Affirmations

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I am the Atma – the soul. I carry the energy signature based on my past actions or karma from this life and past lives. The energy signature can impact my chakras’ frequency, alignment, and balance, causing adverse physical, mental, or emotional effects.

The seven chakras that start at the base of my spine and extend to the crown are responsible for the functioning of the body systems and critical organs. They represent my seven levels of consciousness. Through these seven chakras, I move from the lower self, or an unconscious state, to the higher self, or superconscious state.

7-chakras regulating life

When my chakras are open and aligned, the prana, or ultimate pure healing energy, flows through them, making me whole, happy, and healthy.

The yoga and reiki can help me balance the chakras and allow the healing energy to flow through me.

While guiding the healing energy to each chakra, positive affirmations help. I have written my affirmations in the article.

I enjoy skiing, hiking in the mountains, and walking bare feet at the beach: it relaxes and rejuvenates me by balancing the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The videos capture the moments to go with the affirmations.

Root Chakra or Mooladhar Chakra – Earth Element – I AM

The energy from the Earth is rising and flowing through me, keeping me grounded.

I have deep faith and belief that Earth provides me with a safe and secure place.

I am always able to meet my basic needs.

I trust nature and am deeply connected to it. I trust natural laws.

I have a healthy connection with family and friends.

My past lives karmas are healed using compassion and detachment.

I cut the cord of karma with every living being and everything connected to me in past lives. I forgive and heal myself. I heal all in touch with me from past lives.


I let go of my grudges and emotional blockages. I seek their forgiveness.

My muscular and skeletal systems are getting healed. My bones and joints are perfect.

I have abundance in life. I am thriving.

I love my body and trust its wisdom.

My earth element is balanced.

I dissolve my fears, anxieties, and insecurity in the spacious awareness of trust, faith, belief, and positive & optimistic outlook.

I AM – strong, stable, and at peace.

Sacral Chakra or Swadhishthan Chakra: Water Element – I FEEL

The universe is expressing itself through me. I am part of the universe’s collective creativity, evolution, and expression. I trust the life flowing through me, and I flow with it.

I listen to and follow through on the voice from inside. When I pray and ask for something true to my heart, I have faith, trust, and belief that I will get it.

I embrace change as a healthy part of life.

I have an abundance of creativity. I can birth my ideas to the world.

My body is more than 70% water. The water inside me is synchronized with water everywhere—oceans, rivers, and people. I flow with the universe, with the flow of life.

My water element is balanced.

I am free to follow what is joyful or pleasant, embracing the freedom that comes with it.


I can share and express feelings effectively and constructively. I create and maintain healthy relationships.

I trust that everything will always work out in my life. I move comfortably with the ebb and flow of energy.

I am fulfilled in my passions.

I have a healthy relationship with money. I can cultivate abundance in my life, staying true to the laws of nature and doing it right by my conscience. I feel at peace with my abundance.

I don’t carry the heavy weight of shame.

My present life karmas are healed with compassion and detachment.

I FEEL – creativity flowing through me.

Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipur Chakra: Fire Element – I DO

I feel whole and centered in who I am. I know my self-worth. I am comfortable in my skin.

I honor the power within me: I cultivate it to make things happen while respecting and not hurting others. I am in touch with my inner warrior.

I feel calm and peaceful. I have tolerance and acceptance for myself and others.

I love and respect myself. I have very high self-esteem.

I have a vital balance of power and wisdom.

I have the power to lead.


I am open to new ideas.

I don’t need the approval of others to feel validated. I don’t need prestige or keeping up appearances. I don’t need to dominate and control to feel good.

My fire element is balanced.

Ancestral karmas are healed with compassion and detachment.

I invoke all ancestors across lifetimes who need healing. I send them healing energy and vibes. If I have hurt them in any way, I seek forgiveness.

I DO – but sometimes, letting go is the most empowering choice.

Heart Chakra or Anahat Chakra: Air Element


I am connected to myself. I love and accept myself. I feel deserving or worthy of love.

I feel love for the universe and feel love for the divinity inside me. I am loved, and I am loving.

I hold myself and all the souls connected to me with compassion. I love all beings equally.

I invoke healing energy for Mother Earth.

I exhume negative energy and depression in the expansive space of compassion.

I make decisions following my heart or based on my higher self rather than chasing unfulfilled emotions and desires.

I value love above attachment.

I LOVE – giving equals receiving.

Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra: Ether Element

I am connected to voice and direction from the inside. I express myself with clarity, focus, ease, and authenticity.

The inspiration and fire of a deeper meaning from inside gives me the power and drive:

  • I transform negative experiences into wisdom and learning.
  • I channel my inner fire and drive with my voice, message, and communication.
  • I am an innovative, sharp, and independent thinker.
  • I believe in myself and let that belief express in quiet yet empowering self-assurance.

I have a balance between silence and speech.


I speak my truth and express myself openly. I don’t feel judged or silenced for what I say.

I communicate with respect and courage.

My voice is necessary.

I have the self-awareness to be a witness to my thinking patterns and emotional bindings. I stay true to my inner north and avoid judging others or reacting negatively.

I find inspiration and feel the ripples from inside, wanting to make a positive difference for myself, for all around me, for Mother Earth, and for the universe.

I SPEAK – my words are like seeds.

Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra: Ether Element – Conscious Mind

I invite my intuition and awareness into everyday aspects of life.

I trust my inner wisdom and act upon what my intuition tells me.

I am connected to the universal knowledge and wisdom. It helps me find answers and insights.

My ego doesn’t cloud my thinking.

I can manifest my vision.

I SEE – and I am open to new ideas.


Crown Chakra or Sahasrar Chakra: Ether Element – Superconscious Mind

I have profound faith and belief that I am divine and am connected to all life in the universe.

I understand that my identity goes beyond my physical form.

I trust my path and life – Shraddha.

I surrender to the universe.

I am connected to my masters, and their blessings flow through me.

Divine light and healing energy flow through me: it purifies my aura.

Divine energies are clarifying my mind.

The thousand petals of my Sahasrar chakra open as I receive energy from the universe.

I feel love and light in every cell of the body. I hear ohm in every cell of my body.

I UNDERSTAND – and surrender to the highest and the best that wants to engage through me.

Forgiveness: Ho’oponopono

I learned that Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian ritual to cultivate compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Our subconscious has countless memories and programs recorded in it. Our mind thinks of zillions of thoughts daily, but we know only a tiny portion of those.

There are countless quantum particles from my past karmas with others: they come into this life again, contributing to the emotional drama and inner weather of thoughts.

Without realizing it, each thought activates a memory stored in our subconscious mind, manifesting as a problem or a repetitive pattern. The Ho’oponopono is about taking 100% responsibility for all that manifests in our lives and surrendering to the universal consciousness to heal it. It is about repeating four sentences: I am sorry – please forgive me – thank you – love you.

I am sorry, as I am 100% responsible for what is expressed in my life. It might be happening from memory in the subconscious from this or previous birth cycles. I take responsibility for it all.

Please forgive me – I am asking the divineness inside me and the entire universe for forgiveness. I surrender my ego and release myself.

Thank you for all that is happening in my life – including the problems – it is allowing me to clean it. I am grateful for that.

I love you – there is the same universal consciousness inside me- the space filled with peace, bliss, happiness, and compassion. I am one with and love all in that space.

The Ho’oponopono repetitions help me clean up my memories and loosen the grip of the energy field I have been carrying and building over birth cycles. It helps me release and forgive.

Flowing with the Life and Evolving Universal Consciousness

I allow, accept, and surrender to everything happening to me now. I avoid resisting, denying, or fighting with it.

Grounding in the moment and letting it be as it resets my bearings and connects with intuition and inner wisdom to find ways in life.

Following is the video we captured early morning in the Spring: the lilies swinging with the wind and the fascinating effects of flowers inspire me to go with the flow of life. Trust Mother Earth, believe in the laws of nature, and have faith.

Bliss, Intuition, and Trust

Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Shakti Gawain: To whatever degree you listen to and follow your intuition, you become a creative channel for the higher power of the universe.

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Somewhere deep within us resides a profoundly healthy and trustworthy core, and our intuitions, as deep resonances of the actuality of the present moment, are worthy of our trust.

What are your thoughts?