Mammoth: Symphony on the Slopes

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Skiing at Mammoth Mountain was tons of fun.

Sometimes on the slopes, the experience soaks up all of my consciousness. I focus on maintaining my posture. My skis are parallel as I slide down and across the slopes. I can feel my ankles pressing the edge of the skis to control the speed. My body weight is shifting from one leg to the other, and my ankles turn to change direction. I trust my instincts and muscle memory. I lose myself, forgetting about the past and not thinking about the future. There is newness, openness, and spontaneity to absorb each moment as it unfolds. It feels refreshing, rejuvenating, therapeutic, peaceful, fun, and thrilling.

I have a lot of respect for the mountains and mother nature’s universal laws. Yet, I feel like I am striking symphony with all that is around and channeling the universe unfolding or manifesting at the moment for me—my gratitude for the experience.

Mammoth Mountain is stunning in winter, with white peaks and slopes in all directions. It inspires awe for the majesty of mother nature. I paused several times to take pictures and videos and soak up nurturing synergies of nature.

Panorama at the Top

There is a gondola that goes to the top of the mountain. The views at the top are breathtaking.

The Mammoth Lakes township is beautiful. You can see the mountains from anywhere in the town and every direction. I picked up a few memorable moments from our hotel room, too.


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