Lake Tahoe: Ecowater Falls

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More than sixty water streams flow into Lake Tahoe, and Ecowater Falls is one of them. We hiked to see the water falling and streaming towards the lake. As we got closer to the fall, the sound of the water felt so good. The yellow colors on the quaking aspen trees blended with the green color pine trees made the experience priceless.

Ecowater Falls - Lake Tahoe
Vibrant yellow colors of quaking or trembling aspen - Lake Tahoe - Fall 2023 -9

There is a bridge right above the waterfall. The experience of looking down at the fall and the rocks and trees all around felt so vibrant and full of life.

We walked upstream and spotted the water spring that eventually leads to the fall and merges with the lake. Seeing and hearing the water so close was quite a treat.

We sat down and lost ourselves in the experience of seeing water come through and shine in the sunlight. The memory is probably etched forever. I tried to capture it in the following video.

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