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I think we all leave home – it could be 24 hours away, or 2 hours away, 20 minutes away, or sometimes only a few seconds away … We embark on that journey of pursuing dreams, a journey of making things happen, a journey of finding our own identity, a journey of carving out a niche for ourselves in this world.

It’s the space full of excitement for opening up new doors, new opportunities ... for seeing and realizing our dreams.

It can bring anxieties of facing the unknown.

I think deep down inside, we carry that “home” with us – a place of comfort, a place of nurturing memories, a place that is healing, soothing, encouraging, nourishing …

We love to go back home. There is such a strong pull.

With time though we might realize that maybe we can’t go back to the same home.  The “home” that is in etched in my heart … the “home” that is alive, vivid, and inspiring snapshot of memories – it stays there inside. But people from my home place grow, evolve, change … the surroundings adapt with time, new scenarios emerge that are creating home for other people every day, all the time.

But when I am in the moment – completely lost in the moment, whether that is …

  • to create something meaningful, or
  • to do an activity such as running, biking, reading, writing, cooking, driving, cleaning, or
  • coaching, training others, or
  • working, supporting a customer, or
  • learning something new, or
  • presenting to an audience, or
  • organizing my thoughts, or
  • simply having a friendly conversation …

I feel at home in those moments.

When I am simply doing something, doing anything, without delving in the past, or without being preoccupied with worries for tomorrow, I feel am “home”. It connects me back to that peace, that joy, that synergy, that healing, soothing, relieving, nurturing, growing energy.


Devens Journey - Home - Let Moment Unfold - Embrace Possibilities

That is my inspiration from “home” – that, it is there with me every moment of life, that comfort zone is right there when I simply go in the flow of a moment, and embrace possibilities it might bring.

And, maybe I am evolving my “home” along the way as well… or shall I say I am bringing home along my journey wherever that takes me?  🙂

What are your thoughts?