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My body chakras are the energy signature of my soul – the Atma. My actions, emotions, struggles, passions, and feelings from the past have created an energy field – karma. I also read about it in Eckhart Tolle’s books, and I think he calls it the pain body. The karma or the pain body dictates the weather of thoughts and emotions passing through us and our subconscious response to them. As I learn more about cutting-edge research on the aura and energy centers or chakras, I understand they carry the energy signature and play a significant role in impacting hormonal balance, the performance of muscular and skeletal systems, my temperament, my emotional bindings, insecurities, and anxieties.

I am universal consciousness – the Atma. The Atma is the same in all living beings; I am one with all in that space. My karma, ego, and subconscious mind can control my thinking and reactions to it and, in many ways, isolate me in the cocoon of my reactive thoughts. It can also block my healing energies and free flow of universal harmony, resulting in physical, mental, and emotional ailments or handicaps.

One of the ways I can think of connecting with the Atma is to balance and heal my chakras. I wish there were a magic wand. What I built over my current and past lives requires effort to dissolve. Meditation, conscious self-awareness, controlling my desires, unconditional love & compassion for all living beings, truthfulness, and forgiveness help – intent to trust the process and continually invest in it helps.

One meditation technique is to focus on breathing to tune into the present moments and then use affirmations to balance, heal, and energize the chakras. Following are the affirmations I put together, combining ideas from various readings and meditations.

Root (Mooladhar) Chakra Affirmation: I AM

I am safe and secure. The energy from the earth is rising through my feet: it is grounding and healing me. I have – and will always get – all I need to survive and thrive.

I draw on profound faith from inside for a stable and nurturing platform for my life. It gives me a stable and reassuring foundation to deal with situations and changes in life.

Sacral (Swadhishthan) Chakra Affirmation: I FEEL

I feel the creativity of the universe flowing through me. I am a creative channel of the universe.

The water inside me imbues healing energy and positive vibrations to every cell in my body.

Solar Plexus (Manipur) Chakra Affirmation: I DO

I act. I make things happen. I am part of the collective of the universe. It gives me fire and the drive to make things happen. I respect power and use it wisely and positively. I cultivate and nurture my inner strength. I am grateful for it.

I am grateful for the blessings in my life.

Heart (Anahat) Chakra Affirmation: I LOVE

I hold the child inside me with unconditional love and kindness. I love every cell in my body. I generate and send loving ripples to all around me. I send love to Mother Nature and planet Earth.

I hold it all with love and compassion.

I follow my heart. I cultivate a space full of warmth and compassion and hold it all with unconditional love.

I accept myself. I accept the realities in life as they are.

Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra Affirmation: I TALK

I plant seeds with my words. I listen to all with empathy and patience.

I let the weather of thoughts and emotions flow through me without resisting fighting or denying them.

I use my breath to calm my mind and relax my body.

My inner voice ignites the fire and fuels my direction & message. I draw inspiration from it to express myself positively and clearly.

I open the space inside to dissolve the imprint of memories, grudges, and emotional blockages.

Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Affirmation: I SEE

My intuition connects me with the direction from the inside.

I have access to the universal truth and knowledge. I connect with it and download it.

I can see and create a vision using my conscious mind.

I use the space between the external stimulus and my response to be aware of the weather of thoughts, to listen to my conscience to align with the natural laws and truth, to visualize the intended direction, and to direct my mind and body to follow through on it.

I continually strive to clarify my mind and elevate its thinking level to find answers and discover new perspectives.

Crown (Sahastrar) Chakra Affirmation: I UNDERSTAND

I understand that I am the Atma – not my mind, body, or intellect.

In the spacious awareness and universal consciousness – I am divine.

My Crown Chakra’s thousand petals open up and connect with the universe’s divinity. It guides my mind, body, and intellect to unfold and merge with the universal consciousness – the Atma.

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    Loved these chakra affirmations
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    Deven it was a great experience of doing retreat with u this weekend!!

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