Mountains Waking Up on a Rainy Overcast Day

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It rained overnight for a few hours. The dawn was wet and cold. We debated whether to go for the hike. I am so happy we decided to venture out and take a chance anyway.

We went to the Weir Canyon Loop trail. As expected, the hills were muddy with puddles of water. We braved the initial part, hoping it would improve when we hit the area with more rocks. We had to change the route and shorten the hike as the hills were slippery. A couple of inches of sticky mud under my shoes forced me to take each step slowly and carefully. It proved a blessing in disguise, as slower speed and frequent stops allowed us to see the mountain waking up while the rising sun played hide and seek with the clouds.

As the sun rose on the eastern side, the edges of the clouds had a golden color glow. The layers of mountains added breathtaking depth to it. The green hillsides and yellow mustard seed flowers had a soothing aura.

The air was super clean and crisp. The range of yellow and green colors on the ground looked stunning under dark grey clouds.

The rocks showing through dark green color vegetation on the mountains reminded me of the rugged terrain underneath the colors on the ground.
I turned around to look on the other side and caught daisies cladding both sides of the trail. The houses in the distance looked snuggled in the mountain, covered with a breathtaking range of colors.
The sun's rays filtered through the clouds, creating a soothing effect on the eyes. The areas with yellow flowers still showed sparkle when looking at them from a distance. It was overcast, yet it helped highlight the yellow and green colors so vividly.
When I zoomed out, the dark green background for mountains in the far distance made the yellow color segment stunningly beautiful.

Clouds scattered and moved, opening windows for direct sunlight on hills in the middle. The view added music to the ambiance with the fascinating ripples in my heart.

The brown patch on the nearby hill reminded me of the wonders and mystique of Mother Nature. Direct sunlight on hills in the middle, spots of bright blue in the sky among clouds, the gentle breeze with crisp air, and the aroma of the ambiance soaked through all my senses.

The bright yellow areas seemed to wake up the darker mountains in the distance.

The darker green plants contrast the hills’ lighter green and yellow colors.

The vibrant colors on the mountains gave radiance to the ambiance.
The cloud cover started to open up. The interplay of the fog and shades of sunlight on the hills in the distance had invigorating vivacity.
Are the hills opening up and connecting with the brightness of the sky?
Mother Earth is springing up the healing energy, helping everyone and everything to survive, thrive, and reach their optimum potential.

In Moment

The energy from the earth rose through my feet. It healed and grounded me: it reinforced my faith, belief, and positive trust in life.

The radiance from the sky entered through my head. The vibes of love, warm nurture, and soothing synergies reached every cell in my body. I was totally in the moment.

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