Nurturing Nook at Laguna Beach

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There is a small section at Laguna Beach where the contour of the land curves slightly inward. The vantage point on the walkway creates a nice nook to look at the waves as they crash into the circular arch. There are a couple of palm trees. The stones around the tree and the effect of the waves around them took me in totally. It felt like a nurturing nook where human ingenuity synchronized with mother nature.

The leaves of the palm trees glistened with direct sunlight on them. Deep blue was on the horizon, white waves were in the nook, there was a gentle breeze, and a few surfers navigated the gentle waves, making it look complete, as if man and nature were in harmony.

I looked at the water for several minutes. The breathtaking mix of colors and effects of the wind and ocean currents on the surface was a refreshing visual. I felt the breeze on my skin. The sounds of the waves and people walking by seemed musical—the experience soaked through all my senses. Mother nature appeared to take me in her embrace and balance my elements.

June 24, 2024

When I looked at it from the side, the waves spreading in the nook had yet another nurturing vibe.

Sun rays hit part of the area in the nook directly. The juxtaposition of bright, sunny regions on the waves and shaded regions on the waves added to the magic.

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  1. Manjri Dhami
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    Gorgeous and beautiful pictures and videos as well as the narrative ❤️!

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