I Enjoy the Music

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Dear family, friends:

While staying home and social distancing to do our bit to deal with the pandemic, I read a few insightful articles on social solidarity to be there for each other in a supportive way. I read a few good ideas and saw some videos about having a sense of gratitude for the many positives still in our lives today. I got a touching message from Mummy that inspired me to reflect and to connect to each other in our inner net. 🙂

We are one, the same universal consciousness that is Atma (soul). It’s the universal energy, also known as Higher Self, Our Spirit, Truth, Om, God Inside of Us, Pure Awareness, etc.

In that space of the universal consciousness, every one of us embraces all living beings. We love, we nurture, we help, we heal, and we cultivate positive change. We weave the vibes of nurturing synergies to hold us together in our collective space. We are all healing energy, peace, and happiness.

We Enjoy the Music - 2


About the pandemic news and updates from all over the world, overwhelming our senses and emotions:

  • I remind myself that it can impact my body, but not me. When I have fear, it is from my attachments to the material world, my desires, my emotions, as well as my physical wants and needs.
  • I remind myself to identify with the Atma, or the universal energy, that I am. I identify as one with the Atma that you are. In the moments when I am able to do that, there are no worries, anxieties, fear, nor concerns.
  • I let go of my fears. I let go of my emotional bindings. I draw on my abundance from inside myself to find reasons to smile, help, let go, and connect with everyone around us.
  • I draw on that today to connect with you. You are in my thoughts. I am here for you. All of my synergies, positive vibes, healing energies, and nurturing ripples to you to tap into the abundance of peace and pure joy that is inside every one of us.
  • I also do my bit to take care of myself. I try the best I can to follow suggested hygiene and habits to be a responsible person, as part of a community of family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else.

One for all, all for one.

We Enjoy the Music - 3


Words of the Persian poet Hafiz resonate with me today once again… “I am a hole in the flute that the God’s breath moves through. I enjoy the music.


Smiles, gratitude, warm regards, and all good things,



PS: While writing this today, the message from Ekhart Tolle’s book A New Earth, came to the surface. This blog post has my thoughts from that – [A NEW EARTH]

What are your thoughts?