I Am Empty: I Am Grateful! 😊

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Deven Pravin Shah - I am empty 2

I am empty! 😊

I am empty because I let go of my attachments, worries, and fear.

I am empty because I let myself be in the present moment without filling it with any preconceived notions, past experiences, wants, or desires.

I am empty to observe my current state of mind, body, and intellect as they are without being occupied by them.

I am empty because I accept my current reality as it is without resisting it.

I am empty because I can trust life and the universe to flow through me.

I am empty because I have faith in the bliss and peace from inside to guide me in the right direction.

I am empty to have childlike curiosity and lightness to see new possibilities and ideas with a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind.

I am empty so that the boundless abundance, love, compassion, creativity, happiness, and healing energies emerge through me and release into the world.

I am empty because I am an infinite space of awareness through which my emotions, feelings, thoughts can pass through and dissolve without any trace.

I am empty so that I can float in harmony with the ripples of the universe’s connected conscience.

I am empty, so my footprints are lighter and softer, not leaving heavy marks.

I am empty: I am grateful for that, as it affords me the space for possibilities and potential.

I am empty: or so I wish, hope, and pray to be! 😊


Deven Pravin Shah - I am Empty


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  1. Bhuvanesh Oza
    | Reply

    Nice prayer. Good spiritual thoughts.

  2. Hiren Vakil
    | Reply

    Nice write-up – admire your clarity of thought

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