Green and Yellow Mountainsides

May 14, 2023: Weir Canyon Trail

There was thick fog in the morning when we started around 7 am: it is unusual for May. We loved the crispness in the air. It was a quiet morning, and the music of birds felt so soothing. The mountains were turning brown, but still, we saw terrific hues of green and patches with the bloom of yellow wildflowers. When we stopped to soak it in with all our senses, we spotted droplets of the due dropping from the plants. On the other side of the spot, we saw tiny plants sprouting from pockets in the rocks: one more testament to the inherently nurturing, growing, developing, and healing powers of nature!

Green and Yellow Mountains - Weir Canyon Loop - May 16 2023 -5
Green and Yellow Mountains - Weir Canyon Loop - May 16 2023 -3
Green and Yellow Mountains - Weir Canyon Loop - May 16 2023 -2
Green and Yellow Mountains - Weir Canyon Loop - May 16 2023 -1
Green and Yellow Mountains - Weir Canyon Loop - May 16 2023 -6

May 06, 2023

We see patches of brown color on the mountainsides now. Still, the backdrop felt so soothing and relaxing. The shadows from the clouds passing by added flavors to the paint strokes of mother nature!

Green and yellow mountains -4

Update on April 10, 2023

We went to Chino Hills State Park, entering from the north side entry from Chino Hills. The poppies and mustard seeds bloom looked so beautiful among the green mountainsides and backdrop of still snow-covered Mount Baldy!

Chino Hills State Park - Apr 10 -5

Update on March 4th, 2023

We went hiking on the Weir Canyon Loop trail. The views of the mountain moved us – it felt so relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating. The California poppies are blooming: the orange and yellow color wildflowers made it a breathtaking experience.

February 18, 2023

Spring is almost here.

While the mountains are green thanks to the rain, now we see yellow wildflowers on the mountainsides. I think the flower bloom will be even more over the coming weeks, but the yellow patches in certain spots and an extra tinge of brightness in the morning sun added to the hiking experience yesterday. The morning sun was an angle, and the shades of the layers of hills in the distance added an excellent perspective, too.

The snow-covered Mount Baldy peaks in the distance added an excellent white highlight. The almost full water reservoir and houses snuggled within the mountains gave a beautiful perspective on one side.

If it is a super wildflower bloom this year as predicted, it will be even more fun to see mother nature doing wonders on the canvas of the mountain landscapes with mindblowing color strokes of the flowers. I am looking forward to it.

February 25, 2023

The weather is frigid and rainy for the Southern California norms. It snowed in the mountains, creating a unique backdrop of white behind the green mountains. The clouds brought their personality to the experience, too.

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